How to maintain the motorcycle engine

1 Use lubricating oil of appropriate quality grade
   For gasoline engine, sd-sf gasoline and lubricating oil shall be selected according to the additional devices and service conditions of intake and exhaust system; For diesel engine, cb-cd diesel and engine oil shall be selected according to mechanical load, and the selection standard shall not be lower than that specified by the manufacturer.

 2 Replace lubricating oil and filter element regularly
   The quality of lubricating oil of any quality grade will change during use. The performance deterioration after a certain mileage will bring various problems to the engine. In order to avoid the occurrence of faults, the oil shall be changed regularly in combination with the service conditions, and the oil quantity shall be moderate (generally, the upper limit of the oil scale is better). When the oil passes through the fine hole of the filter, the solid particles and viscous substances in the oil accumulate in the filter. If the filter is blocked and the oil cannot pass through the filter element, the filter element will be broken or the safety valve will be opened to pass through the bypass valve, and the dirt will still be brought back to the lubrication part, causing engine wear and increasing internal pollution

   3 Clean the crankcase regularly
   During the operation of the engine, the oxides of high-pressure unburned gas, acid, moisture, sulfur and nitrogen in the combustion chamber enter the crankcase through the gap between the piston ring and the cylinder wall and mix with the metal powder produced by the wear of parts to form oil sludge. When the amount is small, it is suspended in the oil, and when the amount is large, it is precipitated from the oil, blocking the filter and oil hole, resulting in difficult engine lubrication and wear. In addition, when the engine oil is oxidized at high temperature, paint film and carbon deposit will be generated and bonded to the piston, which will increase the fuel consumption and reduce the power of the engine. In serious cases, the piston ring will be stuck and the cylinder will be pulled. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the crankcase regularly with bgl05 (efficient and quick cleaning agent for lubrication system) to keep the interior of the engine clean.

   4 Keep crankcase well ventilated
   Now most gasoline engines are equipped with PCV valve (crankcase forced ventilation device) to promote engine ventilation, but the pollutants in the blowby will deposit around the PCV valve and may block the valve. If the PCV valve is blocked, the polluted gas flows back into the air filter and pollutes the filter element, reducing the filtering capacity and the inhaled mixture is too dirty, it will further cause crankcase pollution, increase fuel consumption, increase engine wear, and even damage the engine. Therefore, the PCV must be maintained regularly to remove pollutants around the PCV valve 

   5 Clean the fuel system regularly
   When the fuel is supplied to the combustion chamber through the oil circuit for combustion, it will inevitably form colloid and carbon deposit, which will deposit in the oil passage, carburetor, fuel nozzle and combustion chamber, interfere with the fuel flow of dry powder mortar equipment, destroy the normal air-fuel ratio, make the fuel atomization poor, and cause performance problems such as engine chattering, explosion, unstable idle speed and poor acceleration. Using bg208 (powerful and efficient cleaner for fuel system) to clean the fuel system and regularly using BG202 to control the generation of carbon deposit can always keep the engine in the best state 

   6 Maintain the water tank regularly
   Rust and scaling of engine water tank are the most common problems. Rust and scale will limit the flow of coolant in the cooling system, reduce the heat dissipation effect, cause engine overheating and even cause engine damage. The oxidation of coolant will also form acidic substances, which will corrode the metal parts of the water tank, resulting in damage and leakage of the water tank. Regularly use bg540 (strong and efficient cleaning agent for water tank) to clean the water tank to remove rust and scale, which can not only ensure the normal operation of the engine, but also prolong the overall service life of the water tank and engine


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