Why do they call it cafe racer motorbike?

Why do they call it cafe racer motorbike?


The term cafe racer came from what's actually a derisive term used to describe kids who hung out in cafes and raced fast. They would hang out in transport cafes and wait until somebody else came by on a fast bike and challenged them for a race, and they all rushed outside to see who gets up the road the fastest.


Coffee & Counterculture: The history of the cafe racer


In the same way that a surly chopper is to the hulking, tattooed bikers of gangs like the Hells Angels, the cafe racer is to leather jacket-wearing figures of a more James Dean/Marlon Brando aesthetic. The cafe racer is a bike of casual coolness, not as barrel-chested and brawny as Steve McQueen, not in the same quintessential English dorky dapperness of the Beatles like a leather jacket with a pocket protector but somewhere in between. The cafe racer has a rawness that's likable because it isn't an affectation, it is authentic. It a beatnik bike, definitively rebellious but not contrived. They're also a certain je ne sais quoi that very British. Though it is an emblem of the counterculture, that one reason didn't see Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper riding cafe racers in Easy Rider. The cafe racer is a very British bike though its origins were heavily rooted in American culture.


For as prevalent as they are in Western culture as on the road few know the origins of the bike with a street-fighting stance. Few know who first rode the bikes and why they were so desired. Few even know from where the name is racer? actually originated. Wel discusses all that and plenty more in this guide to the history of the cafe racer.


1. Unique lights: Crystal clear headlight provides high illumination at night, guarantees your riding security, and the customized steel protector prevents the headlight from damage; round taillight with LED circle is more eye-catching; LED turning signals with rubber protector is more durable, and at the meantime makes the bike looked more exquisite.

2. Mechanical and digital combined speedometer indicates accurate riding data, enables the rider to fully aware of the riding conditions.

3. Delicate disc brake oil pump, tailormade handlebar, leather seat cushion, CNC cut handlebar clamps, and rear brake pedal: All these features make the bike a fine piece of art.

4. Extra-wide racing tires, number plates on the head, and 2 sides: Add sports passion to the bike, and greatly increases your riding comfort.

5. Strengthened hydraulic front and rear shock absorbers: This makes the bike stronger and greatly eliminates the vibration, increase the comfort of both the rider and the passengers.

6. Front and rear disc brakes with extra-wide brake discs: Make the ride more stable and safer.

7. Tailormade chrome-plated muffler: Not only upgrades the exquisite look of the bike but also increases the running power and smoothness.