A few tips that may save your life at critical moments when riding a motorcycle! (2)

Do not cross the yellow line on the curve.

The yellow line here generally refers to the real/dotted line dividing the opposite lanes, which is also a virtual high wall of "non-aggression" between vehicles of both sides. Why not cross the wall easily? Firstly, the material of the road dividing line is different from that of the road, and the friction coefficient is relatively small. Especially in rainy days, the motorcycle body will tilt when turning, and the tire grounding area will be reduced. When the tire suddenly runs over the dividing line, it is very likely to slip due to insufficient grip.

Secondly, crossing the dividing line is equivalent to riding beyond the boundary, occupying the opposite lane, the line of sight of the curve becomes narrower, and there is no time to respond to the approaching vehicle, it is easy to cause an accident. And in case of an accident, you’ll be judged as riding on the opposite lane, which will make you bear the full (or major part of) responsibility.