Motorcycle Maintenance Knowledge Tips 4

7、Maintenance of air filter
The air filter element should be cleaned once after the running in period (1000 km), and the cleaning times should be increased when driving on dusty roads. The steps are as follows
(1)、 Remove the right cover, remove the five fixing screws of the air filter housing, remove the air filter housing cover, and then take out the filter element
(2)、 Put the filter element into the cleaning agent for cleaning and let it dry
(3)、Spray the dry filter element into 15W / 40qe engine oil, knead it evenly, and then squeeze out too much engine oil
(4)、 Assemble in reverse order of disassembly
(5)、 When installing the right cover, pay attention to
A、 The paper filter element shall be replaced every 8000km (the replacement times shall be increased when driving on dusty roads)
B、Zukida scooters are paper filter elements, and compressed air shall be used to blow out the dust

8、Maintenance of braking device
(1). Adjustment of drum front brake
A、 Support the main support, and measure the free stroke of the front brake handle from the free position to the beginning of braking, which is 10 ~ 20mm
B、 If it is not within the specified range, it shall be adjusted. Adjust the front brake nut clockwise to reduce the free stroke; Adjust the front brake nut counterclockwise to increase the free stroke
C、 Hold the front brake handle tightly for several times, then release it, and check whether the front brake works well (turn the front wheel to see whether the front wheel rotates flexibly)
D、 It can also be adjusted through the front brake fine adjustment nut
Note: when the pointer on the current brake is aligned with the scale on the brake end cover, the brake shoe shall be replaced.
The shoe block shall be replaced every 4000km, and the clutch control line shall be cleaned and lubricated every 1000km
(2)、Adjustment of rear brake
A、 Support the motorcycle with the main support
B、 Measure the travel of the rear brake pedal from the original position to the start of the brake is 20 ~ 30mm
C、 It needs to be adjusted. The adjustment method is the same as that of the front brake
9、Battery maintenance
Remove left cover
For the battery of a new car, the electrolyte shall be added between the upper and lower scales
It is better to recharge the new battery
It can be charged with 0.1A current for 6 ~ 7 hours, 0.3A current for 3 ~ 4 hours

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