Tips for safe riding motorcycle in night.

At first, riding a motorcycle at night is dangerous, so we call you to reduce motorcycle driving at night as much as possible. If there are unavoidable driving reasons, please pay attention to the following tips, which will help you ride a motorcycle at night in a much safer way:

1. Check the lights on the motorcycle: We oftentimes do not realize that the lights on our motorcycle are not working or are not working properly. Position lights, headlights, taillight, and high beams must be working and properly leveled. Do not forget about blinkers, brake lights, and the license plate light either.

2. No tinted visors: Tinted visors, so long as they are approved, are very useful against glare and sunlight. However, when it gets dark, they prevent us from seeing clearly and are very dangerous. It is best to use a fully transparent face shield.

3. Reflective or light-colored gear: It is difficult for other vehicles to perceive motorcycles. The use of the light-colored gear is usually recommended, but even more so if you are riding at night or in low-visibility conditions. There are helmets, vests, and clothing on the market with reflective colors, which is without a doubt the best option if you want to be visible on the road.

4. Increase safe distances: Low visibility may cause reaction times to be greater in the face of unexpected events (sudden stopping, lane changes, etc.). Thus, increase the safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you.

5. Reference paint and road markers: Darkness or even the glare from the lights of oncoming vehicles often makes it difficult to see the pavement of the road well. It is a good idea to concentrate on the painted lane marking or the right-hand line to avoid losing your bearings.

6. Stop more frequently: At night, the body tends to relax more easily and, thus, fatigue and drowsiness can come on suddenly. Rest as needed and shorten your time between stops.


The motorcycle is a good transportation vehicle, but please protect yourself.

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