Breeze, let's feel the joy of freedom

When you see the breeze, the retro trend of the 1970s immediately comes to your face: Flying horn trouser legs, rotating lava lights, and children riding rear roller skating bicycles... Yes, in the disco era, racer motorbike models have been shining under the golden lights of Ceylon. The most fascinating point is that when riding a motorcycle, our mind is absolutely free. Next, we just need to listen to the sound of the engine and find the best route.


Breeze, let's feel the joy of freedom


Basic café racer model BREEZE, with 150cc OHV engine, with serried, spoke wheels, disc/drum brakes, antique style chrome-plated muffler, extra-thick front shock absorbers, black normal rear shocks. Optional features: SNS rear shock absorbers, alloy wheel rims, MP3, etc.


Product advantages:

  1. Unique lights: Crystal clear headlight provides high illumination at night, guarantees your riding security, and the customized steel protector prevents the headlight from damage; round taillight with LED circle is more eye-catching; LED turning signals with rubber protector is more durable, and at the meantime makes the bike looked more exquisite.
  2. The mechanical and digital combined speedometer indicates accurate riding data, enables the rider to be fully aware of the riding conditions.
  3. Delicate disc brake oil pump, tailormade handlebar, leather seat cushion, CNC cut handlebar clamps, and rear brake pedal: All these features make the bike a fine piece of art.
  4. Extra-wide racing tires: Add sports passion to the bike, and greatly increases your riding comfort.
  5. Strengthened hydraulic front and rear shock absorbers: Makes the bike stronger and greatly eliminates the vibration, increase the comfort of both the rider and the passengers.
  6. Front and rear disc brakes with extra-wide brake discs: Make the ride more stable and safer.
  7. Tailormade chrome-plated muffler: Not only upgrades the exquisite look of the bike but also increases the running power and smoothness.