Motorcycle Run-In Period

The motorcycle run-in period refers to its initial running of 1500 km. During this period, the coordination between the surfaces of various parts of the new engine is in the stage of adjustment and mutual grinding, the abrasion loss is big. The run-in quality is essential to the service life of a motorcycle.


Importance and Necessity of Run-In Period

During the run-in period, the regulations on the speed limit, load limit, and regular maintenance shall be strictly followed to reduce the wear of engine and transmission parts, give full play to the performance of new vehicles and prolong their service life.

Specific Usage Precautions

1. Limit Rotation speed and vehicle speed during the run-in period.

rotation speed and vehicle speed:

First 800km: 45 km/h at 4500 rpm or below;

800-1600 km: 55 km/h at 5500 rpm or below;

More than 1600 km / min, After 1600km: 85 km/h at 8500 rpm or below.

2. During the run-in period, the engine speed shall be changed from time to time, and all gears shall be run in. Do not run the engine at a certain rotation speed continuously, to make all parts bear the balanced load, but shall not exceed the specified maximum rpm.

3. Make the engine oil circulate before riding.

During the run-in period, before setting off (either with cold engine or hot engine), the engine shall be preheated with sufficient idle running time (3-5 minutes) to make the oil flow to all lubricating parts.

4. Pay Attention to Engine Cooling

During the run-in period, the driving time of the vehicle shall be properly controlled to avoid long-term operation. Generally, the engine shall be shut down for a rest every 30 minutes to facilitate the cooling and heat dissipation of the engine.

5. The first maintenance of the vehicle is very important. The first inspection and maintenance items must be completed within the first 1000 km.

6. For scooters and straddle bikes, the first engine oil change shall be conducted at 500km, the second oil change at 1000km, and then it will be changed every 2000-3000km (adjusted appropriately according to the driving road conditions). Users must be reminded to use the special engine oil recommended and to buy it at regular outlets to prevent damage to the engine by the poor quality engine oil.