Maintenance Knowledge

Pay attention to regular replacement of engine oil and engine oil filter element, cleaning of the air filter element, and fine maintenance.

1. Replacing Oil and oil filter element

Engine oil lubrication is a must to the engine operation, otherwise, it will cause dry friction, and the internal parts of the engine will soon be worn and fail soon. When lubricating, the engine oil will take away the fine metal particles and other impurities produced by the running in of parts to ensure smooth operation. Therefore, after running for a period of time, the engine oil will become dirty. Therefore, the user must change the designated engine oil regularly in the professional maintenance shop. The engine oil filter element filters the engine oil to ensure the purity of the lubricating engine parts. Therefore, a small number of worn metal particles and other impurities will inevitably remain on the filter element. For this reason, changing the engine oil filter element is also a necessary guarantee for the normal use of your vehicle.

2. Cleaning the air filter element

The power of engine operation comes from the combustion of gasoline, while gasoline combustion requires pure air. The function of the air filter is to provide fresh air for the engine. As the natural air is not pure enough, the air filter element in the air filter will accumulate more dust after a period of time, which hinders the entry of air and affects the normal operation of the engine. Therefore, the air filter element must be cleaned regularly to ensure the normal breathing of the engine.


Precautions for use and maintenance of the battery

1. When starting, press the button for no more than 5 seconds. If it cannot be started several consecutive times, check the oil supply, starting, and ignition system.

2. The following using ways may cause an over-discharge or insufficient charge of the battery and shorten the service life.

Starting frequently and riding for a short distance;

Riding at low speed for a long time;

Holding the brake handle or stepping on the brake pedal during riding to keep the brake light on;

Installing additional electrical accessories or replacing them with high-power bulbs.

3. When it is difficult to start, and the lights are dim, and the horn is not loud enough, it shall be charged immediately.

4. Check the liquid level of the battery every 1-3 months (except for maintenance-free battery). The liquid level should be between the highest line and the lowest line. If the liquid level is lower than the lowest level, add distilled water to the specified liquid level. It is better to charge after adding distilled water.