Precautions for not using motorcycle for a long time

Pls do the following steps when your car is not used for a long time

1. Clean the motorcycle, dry it in the air or in the sun, and coat the exposed moving parts (such as chain), adjusting bolts, bearings, etc. with engine oil or butter for rust prevention after cleaning.

2. Clean the gasoline in the fuel tank and wrap it with a plastic cloth to prevent dust.

3. Unscrew the oil drain bolt at the lower end of the carburetor and drain the gasoline to avoid residual impurities blocking the carburetor oil passage after gasoline volatilization, resulting in failure to start, and then tighten the oil drain bolt

4. Remove the battery from the vehicle and wipe it clean. Before the vehicle stops using, replenish enough electricity and put it in a dry place, and replenish electricity once a month, but do not release the electrolyte in the battery, so as to prevent the electrode plate from being exposed to the air and causing electrode plate oxidation.